Amundi launches Amundi Funds Multi-Asset Sustainable Future

London, UK, 9/16/19,  by Amundi

London, 4th September 2019 – Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager with €1.487 trillion in AUM, including €297 billion in responsible investing, announces the launch of Amundi Funds Multi-Asset Sustainable Future, which combines diversified1 investment management with an ESG approach.

Amundi has designed this sub-fund in response to two current issues for investors: the increasing value attributed to ESG considerations in investments and the need for conservative portfolios amidst rising market uncertainty.
Amundi Funds Multi-Asset Sustainable Future aims to provide sustainable returns with a conservative risk profile achieved through a multi-asset investment approach. The investment universe allows for diversified investing across a broad range of fixed income assets mainly in euro denominated investment grade corporate and government bonds and global equities (up to 40% of portfolio allocation).

Our holistic, responsible investing approach combines ESG factors with fundamental analysis to select only those companies and issuers we believe can generate returns in the long run. Drawing on the combined expertise of our portfolio managers, macro economists, strategists and portfolio construction analysts, a fundamental macro-driven approach is devised to determine the asset allocation across regions and asset classes. The investment universe is then refined to exclude controversial issuers according to certain predefined criteria. We only select companies with the best ratings according to our proprietary ESG rating policy. Finally, the fund managers’ strong convictions form the basis for the final selection of fundamentally sound companies with a positive impact in line with our ESG criteria.
Amundi Funds Multi-Asset Sustainable Future aims to provide capital appreciation over a recommended investment period of 4 years.

The fund will be managed by experienced portfolio managers from the Balanced Strategies team led by Joerg Moshuber, Lead Portfolio Manager and Enrico Bovalini, Head of Balanced Strategies. Research provided by Amundi’s ESG Analysis Team, who provide ratings for over 5500+ issuers, is instrumental in the selection process. The portfolio management process of the fund, combining traditional investment with ESG, is based on the long track record managing an Austrian domiciled UCITS3 ethical balanced fund. The Austrian domiciled UCITS was launched in November 1986 and has been managed by the current management team for the past 7 years.

Joerg Moshuber, Lead Portfolio Manager of the fund comments “Our investment philosophy continues to evolve and this is driven largely by our investors. We truly believe in the companies and issuers selected for the portfolio from a fundamental investment perspective and an ESG standpoint. We strive to ensure our investments are able to achieve sustainable returns while having a positive impact on the environment and society. The way we do this is by investing only in issuers that are truly committed to building a better future.”

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About Amundi

Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager by assets under management and ranks in the top 10[1] globally. It manages 1,487 billion[2] euros of assets across six main investment hubs[3]. Amundi offers its clients in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas a wealth of market expertise and a full range of capabilities across the active, passive and real assets investment universes. Clients also have access to a complete set of services and tools. Headquartered in Paris, Amundi was listed in November 2015.

Thanks to its unique research capabilities and the skills of close to 4,500 team members and market experts based in 37 countries, Amundi provides retail, institutional and corporate clients with innovative investment strategies and solutions tailored to their needs, targeted outcomes and risk profiles.


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  1. ^ [1] Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2019 and based on AUM as of end December 2018
  2. ^ [2] Amundi figures as of June 30, 2019
  3. ^ [3] Investment hubs: Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo

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