Amundi expands ETF thematic range with new Smart City & Smart Factory ETFs

London, UK, 10/17/19,  by Amundi

Amundi announces the launch of two new thematic ETFs: the Amundi Smart City UCITS ETF and the Amundi Smart Factory UCITS ETF.

Amundi announces the launch of two new thematic ETFs: the Amundi Smart City UCITS ETF and the Amundi Smart Factory UCITS ETF.

Smart Cities are fast emerging as a response to rapid urbanisation, which will see two-thirds of the global population living in urban areas by 2050[1]. New ‘Smart’ technologies will help cities address the challenges of urbanisation by increasing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

To help investors tap into the potential offered by these cities of the future, nearly 208[2] stocks from six key sectors were identified to underpin the Smart City ETF: public infrastructure, smart homes, e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, and technology.

Innovative and disruptive technologies have also given rise to a new type of Smart Factory that is revolutionising manufacturing.  Again, five key sectors were identified to help investors benefit from this trend, creating a portfolio of 2522 stocks from companies involved in: Advanced Robotics, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality & 3D printing and the Internet of Things.

Recognising the importance of diversification, Amundi’s new ETFs cover both developed and emerging markets and use a multi-sector approach that combines several thematic exposures.  Both ETFs track indices from Solactive[3]. The new ETFs were listed on Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam with the same competitive ongoing charges of 0.35%4.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, said: “Innovation is in our DNA, and we are always looking for new opportunities for investors. With our Artificial Intelligence ETF, and now these new Smart City and Smart Factory ETFs, we can help investors to capitalise on three of the major themes that are shaping our future.”





  1. ^ [1] Source: UN WUP 2018. More developed regions comprise Europe, Northern America, Australia/New Zealand and Japan. Less developed regions comprise all regions of Africa, Asia (except Japan), Latin America and the Caribbean plus Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.
  2. ^ [2] Source: Solactive as of 13/10/2019
  3. ^ [3] For further information on the index provider, please consult

Having been a pioneer of the European ETF market, Amundi is one of the main European ETF providers, with more than €49bn in assets under management[1]. Amundi ETF offers investors a broad range of more than 130 ETFs characterized by continuous innovation and competitive prices.

Dedicated teams are located in major European countries and rely on a wide network of “Authorised Participants” (more than 65 market makers).




  1. ^ [1] Source: Amundi ETF as of end September 2019
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  1. ^ Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2019 and based on AUM as of end December 2018
  2. ^ Amundi figures as of September 30, 2019
  3. ^ Investment hubs: Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo

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