Amundi adds 10 new Accumulative share class ETFs to its low-cost Prime ETF range

London, UK, 2/6/20,  by Amundi

London, 6 February 2020 Following its launch as Europe’s lowest cost[1] core ETF range in March last year, the Amundi Prime ETF range has already surpassed €1bn AUM.[2] Driven by this strong client demand, Amundi announces the expansion of the range with the addition of ten accumulative share classes, one for each existing exposure. The new share classes are offered at the same extremely low cost ongoing charges of 0.05%.[3]

The Amundi Prime ETF range comprises five equity and five fixed income exposures that aim to provide investors with the key building-blocks of a diversified portfolio. All the ETFs in the range use physical replication and track indices developed by Solactive. The ten accumulative share classes were listed on Xetra on 28 January and are registered in the main European countries.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta, said: “The success of Amundi Prime ETF range demonstrates its effectiveness in answering investors’ need for low-cost, simple and transparent investment tools. As interest in ETFs among retail investors, distributors and online platforms continues to rise, we are committed to developing our product offering to match the diversity of investor demand.”



  1. ^ [1] Source Amundi: Comparison based on the ongoing charges (OGC) of equivalent “core” ETF ranges available in Europe. Data from Bloomberg as of 31/01/2020. Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent to compare with and vice versa. Analysis excluding third party commissions/costs incurred directly by investors when trading.
  2. ^ [2] Source : Amundi ETF as at 15/01/2020
  3. ^ [3] Ongoing charges - annual, all taxes included. For Amundi ETF funds, the ongoing charges correspond to the Total Expense Ratio. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. When the fund has not closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. It compares the annual total management and operating costs (all taxes included) charged to a fund against the value of that fund's assets. Transaction cost and commissions may occur when trading ETFs.

With €122 billion in assets under management[1], Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta is one of Amundi’s strategic business areas and is a key growth driver for the Group. Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta business line provides investors - whether institutionals or distributors - with robust, flexible and cost-efficient solutions, leveraging Amundi Group’s scale and deep resources.  With over 30 years of benchmark construction and replication expertise covering over 100 indices, Amundi is a trusted name in ETF & Index management among the world’s largest institutions.

The team also manages €20 billion in Smart Beta & Factor Investing4, covering solutions based on both efficient risk management and factor investing. These solutions are available into passive (index-based or ETF) and active management. Thanks to the support of the whole Amundi Group, Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta business line helps meet the asset allocation needs of investors, while continuously innovating to design products that help clients meet the new challenges.

The business line benefits from the long standing ESG knowledge of Amundi non-financial analyst team, as well as the wide quantitative research resources of the Group to customize portfolios according to investors’ constraints.



  1. ^ [1] All figures and data are provided by Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta at end September 2019
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  1. Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2019 and based on AUM as of end December 2018
  2. Amundi figures as of December 31, 2019
  3. Investment hubs: Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo

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