CPR Asset Management’s growth goes from strength to strength

United Kingdom,

International expansion driving progress

  • Net inflows rising, with over 5.6 billion in net new assets, bringing total AUM to 46 billion and representing a 17% compared with 2016
  • Over 770m of inflows generated internationally, with thematic and multi-asset strategies proving the most popular
  • CPR AM is well on track to achieving its objectives of reaching 50 billion of assets under management by 2020  


Assets under management have hit over €46 billion, with assets already gathering at pace in Europe and Asia

Significant international inflows in thematic investing

Although in 2017 CPR AM ranked second in terms of total net inflows for funds domiciled in France[1], we experienced the most growth internationally in our thematic equities range of funds, where we continue to innovate and expand.

Following the success of our Silver Age strategy, which invests in global equities exposed to the structural theme of ageing (€1.8 billion in AUM), the Global Disruptive Opportunities strategy, launched in 2016, has already seen substantial net new inflows in France and internationally. Over the last year, the fund gathered €370 million of assets, taking the fund’s total to €410 million.

We bolstered our thematic investing range in 2017 with the launch of CPR Invest – Food for Generations, a fund focused on investing across the entire food value chain, and most recently CPR Invest - Megatrends, a fund of funds which gives investors exposure to our entire range of thematic strategies.

Inflows were also driven by the strong performance of our pure inflation strategy, with CPR’s focus inflation range[2] whose goal is to capitalise on any rise in inflation expectations through the main inflation-linked bond markets, without incurring exposure to the risk of rise in real interest rates, taking total assets to over €1.2 billion. This strategy continues to be a key conviction this year as we look to help our clients navigate the return of inflation.

Growing international presence

Expanding internationally continues to be a key strategic priority and we have made excellent progress to date. In 2017 we saw the highest amount of international flows ever seen throughout CPR AM’s history – double the amount seen in previous years. In two years we have doubled our international AUM with over €3.8 billion of inflows. International inflows for our Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV fund CPR Invest increased over 220% in the last year and will continue to drive the expansion of our distribution efforts globally.

CPR AM registered an increase of inflows in key European markets: Italy, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, and the Czech Republic, and in Asia: Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Valérie Baudson, CEO of CPR AM, commented: “We have made remarkable progress to date, and are confident of fulfilling the ambitions we set for ourselves two years ago. CPR AM’s ability to innovate and identify new sources of growth, combined with the support of our parent company Amundi, are driving our strategic growth plans. I’m looking forward to 2018 as CPR AM goes from strength to strength, both in France and globally.”

Our ambitions for 2018:

  • As we expand our international footprint, our target is to generate 50% of our inflows internationally
  • With over €5 billion in thematic strategies and a number of new strategies in the pipeline, we want to be a global leader in thematic investing. In particular we will continue to push CPR Invest- Global Disruptive Opportunities internationally.
  • Continue to develop unique solutions to meet our clients’ ESG needs. ESG is a key strategic priority for CPR-AM and our aim is to integrate ESG into all our actively managed investment products thanks to our innovative approach of using weak signals to identify ESG risk factors.
  • Quantitative management: we will continue developing our unique, factor-based dynamic allocation approach to be one of the leading European players in quantitative management

Information: (as of 8 March 2018)

This document is provided for informational purposes and meant exclusively for journalists and press and media professionals. Information is provided for the sole purpose of providing journalists and press and media professionals with a broad overview, regardless of the use they make thereof, which is under their exclusive editorial responsibility and for which CPR Asset Management declines all liability. This document is not to be construed as an advertisement or an offer to buy or sell and does not incur the liability of CPR Asset Management. Past performances are not constant over time and are therefore not a reliable indicator of future performances.


Discover the video of our 2017 results and ambitions below


[1] Source: Six Financial Information – December 2017

[2] CPR’s focus inflation range offers long exposure to imply inflation alone through two funds, one global (50% Europe and 50 % US) launched in 2009 and one 100% US launched in march 2017.

CPR AM is an investment management company certified by the French Financial Markets Authority, an autonomous and wholly owned subsidiary of Amundi Group. CPR AM works exclusively in third-party investment management (for institutional, corporate, insurance, private banking, fund management, and wealth management clients). CPR AM covers the main asset classes, including equities, convertibles, diversified investments, interest rates and credit).

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About Amundi

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  2. ^ [2] Amundi data as at 30/09/2022
  3. ^ [3] Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo

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